NetDriversA driver storage and indexing website build using Ruby on Rails. 14 days
NetRunnerA fork of CamK06's WinBot, modified for use in floppydisk's server. 3 days
PlexBotA basic bot to play music from the configured Plex server in a Discord voice channel. 13 days
diskfloppy.meMy personal website/blog, developed with NextJS. 9 days
dotfilesA repository for (mostly) everything that starts with a dot. 14 days
gree-gamesDiscord bot to post free games in r/gamedeals to a channel. 13 days
msn-pecanEscargot IM Network client forked from MSN. 14 days
qemu-discordA Discord bot for interfacing with a QEMU VM. 14 days
toddfloppy's Discord Bot for ToS;DR 2 weeks
archived personal website and blog developed on the Laravel Framework. 14 days