NetDriversA driver storage and indexing website build using Ruby on Rails. 7 months
PlexBotA basic bot to play music from the configured Plex server in a Discord voice channel. 7 months
covfefeMulti-purpose discord bot based on CamK06's WinBot. 3 months
diskfloppy.meMy personal website, developed using the Laravel framework. 3 weeks
dotfilesA repository for (mostly) everything that starts with a dot. 5 months
gree-gamesDiscord bot to post free games in r/gamedeals to a channel. 7 months
spaceduelA super multiplayer thrust/asteroids style shooter, honest. 5 months
website-v1Version 1 of my website - little-to-no CSS (May 2021) 3 months
website-v2Version 2 of my website - Unfinished prototype, the only evidence of a "v2" I could find (Unknown) 3 months
website-v3Version 3 of my website - "Welcome page", layout entirely constructed using tables (June 2021) 3 months
website-v4Version 4 of my website - adapted from a design I stole from Deitel's "Java How To Program" book CD-ROM (February 2022) 3 months
website-v5Version 5 of my website - adapted from a design I stole from (July 2022) 3 months